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Annual Spring Survey

Making A Difference

Tetrads of our survey area.

Survey Results

We began the annual red and grey squirrel monitoring programme for Red Squirrel Northern England in 2022. This large scale citizen science project is repeated each year in spring, where ourselves and other groups sample 300 woodlands and gardens across northern England. Surveys are carried out using trail cameras, by walking through woodlands and recording squirrels seen, or by observing squirrels visiting garden feeders. 

On the right are our 2022 Spring Survey Results which are positive in two respects. Our red squirrels have expanded and established in new areas and we are holding off any encroachment of grey squirrels into those areas. 

  • Red = Red

  • Grey = Grey

  • Yellow = Both

  • Green = None

Results from our 2022 survey

RSNE Sample Tetrads

As part of the survey we are required to survey three tetrads these are our results from the 2022 survey.

To find out more about Red Squirrel Northern England monitoring program click on the link below.

Spring Survey: Activities
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