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Cramlington & District Red Squirrel Group

A Bit About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We are a local voluntary group who are privileged to have small populations of native red squirrels surviving in our area. We work hard to protect this precious and endangered species whilst increasing public awareness of their plight.

In Southeast Northumberland, Cramlington & District Red Squirrel Group are managing to maintain a small and healthy population of red squirrels.  With the support of other groups and in conjunction with our conservation work the future of our local red squirrel is looking more positive

We are convinced that without our involvement the larger invasive grey squirrel would threaten the red population to a point of extinction within our area.

Cramlington & District Red Squirrel group was formed in August 2014 with five key volunteers and over the last seven years our numbers have increased to over 40 volunteers. Our volunteers dedicate over 40 hours a week monitoring red squirrel movements totalling over 2080 hours a year.  In addition to this it is estimated that an additional 2340 hours are spent on trapping, that is a staggering 4420 volunteer hours each year dedicated to Red Squirrel conservation.

Back in 2014 the group had a reactive approach, due to the small number of volunteers who concentrated their efforts on protecting key red areas.

Today our group of volunteers look after their own individual areas and assist with monitoring, trapping or both. We have introduced a proactive approach to our conservation efforts so as to increase the size of our grey squirrel free zones, this will allow our current stronghold to expand. 

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Our Area

Covering Blyth, Cramlington, Seaton Delaval, Seaton Sluice, Seghill, New Hartley.

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