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Red Squirrel: Activities

Red Squirrel

Quick facts

Common name: Red Squirrel

Scientific name: Sciurus vulgaris

Mature Height: 19 to 23 cm body length and a tail length of 15 to 20 cm

Colour: Their coat colour is usually reddish but can vary from almost white to almost black according to age, genetic variations and the seasons.

Weight: Up to 300g

Lifespan: Up to 7 years

Origin: native


  • The red squirrel is the only species of squirrel native to England.

  • As a native species, the red squirrel is an important part of our countryside.

  • The red squirrel is an arboreal, primarily herbivorous rodent.

  • Mortality in the first year can be as high as 50% but declines with adulthood. Causes of death include starvation, road accidents, predation and disease.

  • You can find squirrels within the nature reserve and are often spotted at the viewing screen or crossing the rope bridges.

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