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Stacie Cox Buzzard.jpg

Photo by Stacie Cox

Buzzard: Activities


Quick Facts

Common Name: Buzzard
Scientific Name: Buteo buteo
Mature height: 51 - 57cm body length and a 113 - 128cm wingspan
Weight: 550 - 1,000g (male) and 700 - 1,300g (male)
Lifespan: 12 years average although oldest recorded is 30 years
Origin: Native


  • The commonest and most widespread UK bird of prey.  

  • The Buzzard has broad, rounded wings and is quite large.  The neck and tail are short and the tail is fanned in flight and holds its wings in a shallow “V” when soaring or gliding.

  • Buzzards vary in colour from all dark brown to much paler variations, all have dark wingtips and a finely barred tail.  Their call could be mistaken for a cat as it is a mewing call.

  • What they eat, small mammals, birds and carrion.  They even eat earthworms and large insects when prey is in short supply.  

  • There are approximately 79,000 breeding pairs in the UK.

  • Buzzards seldom move more than 50km from their nests and will have 1 brood per year and lay 2 - 3 eggs.

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