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Skylark: Activities


Quick facts

Common name: Sky Lark.

Scientific name: Alauda arvensis

Length: 18-19cm
Wingspan: 30-36cm
Weight:  33-45g

Colour:  The upperparts are brown with heavy black streaks. The underparts are buff to white and the breast is streaked with black. The outer tail feathers are white. The legs are yellowish-brown and the bill is horn coloured.

Average lifespan: 2 year

What they eat: Seeds and insects

Origin: Native


  • The skylark is a small brown bird, somewhat larger than a sparrow but smaller than a starling. It is streaky brown with a small crest, which can be raised when the bird is excited or alarmed, and a white-sided tail. The wings also have a white rear edge, visible in flight.

  • It is renowned for its display flight, vertically up in the air.

  • Its recent and dramatic population declines make it a Red List species

  • species.

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