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Blue Tit: Activities

Blue Tit

Quick facts

Common name: Blue tit

Scientific name: Cyanistes caeruleus

Origin: Native

Length: 12cm

Wingspan: 18cm

Weight: 11grams

Colour: Blue, yellow, white and green

Average Lifespan: 3 years


  • What do they eat: Insects and spiders. Much of their food is found on outer branches and twigs and they can be found hanging upside down to feed.

  • During the breeding season they will feed caterpillars to their young. They visit garden feeding stations and eat seeds, fat balls and peanuts.

  • In the autumn they will eat berries, insects and nuts.

  • Blue tits are common in woodland, especially oak woods, hedgerows, parks and gardens. They're widespread and found across the whole of the UK with the exception of some Scottish islands.

  • In the winter individual birds and flocks will join together with other tits and search for food.

  • They nest between April and June and lay between 8 and 10 eggs, they will only have 1 brood per year.

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